About HDL

Herald Datanetics Limited is a subsidiary of Herald Holdings Limited, a listed company in Hong Kong (stock code: 00114.HK), manufacturing and distributing toys, computer products, timepieces and houseware products for major customers in North America and Europe.  

Leveraging on its 30 years of expertise in manufacturing high quality thin film tape heads for Fortune 500 companies in its quality clean room environment, the company initiated in 2020 the production of disposable protective face masks.

Our 190,000 sq. ft manufacturing plant is located in Zhuhai, China. Our clean room class meets ISO 8 level standard. Over 600 local and on site Hong Kong staff work in various divisions including workshops, assembly, engineering, fully-automated robotic facilities and warehouse logistics. 

Factory certifications:

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

If you want to learn more about us, please visit the following website

Herald Datanetics Limited:  www.heraldata.com

Herald Holdings Limited:  www.heraldgroup.com.hk


HDL成立於 1985 年,母公司興利集團係香港上市公司 (00114), 旗下亦有數間子公司,分別有家庭用品製造、玩具製造、鐘錶銷售,而我哋 HDL 主力電腦制品製造,亦為客人提供產品設計開發及生產 (ODM) 或按客人要求生産 (OEM)。

HDL 擁有珠海自置廠房 190,000 平方呎,香港人管理,廠房設有 ISO 8 Level 無塵車間、自動化生產線、具備產品設計開發及生產組裝能力,香港亦設有 office 和物流部,體系已取得 ISO9001 及 ISO14000 認證。

最近我哋積極研發有關智能連接設備和生產囗罩,HDL 一向注重產品質素嘅重要性,所以我哋好有信心會提供高質可靠產品比顧客




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